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A Cascade of Better Choices for Greater Innovation Outcomes

It is not an easy job to achieve the level of consistent innovation expected within any organization. Often those breakthroughs never seem to be repeated, we struggle to understand the reasons why we can’t achieve that regular rhythm or dependable … Continue reading

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The Cascading Effect Needed for Innovation Success

Getting innovation through any process of understanding is hard. Knowing what is required to generate innovation throughout an entire organization is even more so. We need to deploy the cascading effect on innovation Often we fail to understand our role … Continue reading

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Finding space for growing innovation

Making innovation a constant daily task for everyone to become involved is certainly a real problem for many organizations. Innovation does not sit comfortably alongside efficiency or effectiveness as it requires a much looser structure. It constantly ‘flies’ in direct … Continue reading

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The Real Need Is Achieving Innovation Fitness

So how do we become innovation fit? http://www.innovationfitnessdynamics.com is new and perhaps your possible innovation work-out gym. Firstly stop and survey our world from a new advantage point Can you imagine standing on top of a mountain, looking out across … Continue reading

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Orchestrating the new dynamics of innovation fitness

In my work investigating different aspects of innovation activity one thought tends to dominate my thinking: “How do we achieve a better understanding of the dynamics of innovation within our capabilities to be more successful?” I’ve already written in previous … Continue reading

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Opening up your thinking to dynamic capabilities for innovation success

As someone who runs a small, independent consulting and research business that is 100% focused on innovation, I am always grateful for the continued involvement of the bigger consulting companies in producing sound, relevant and topical research issues on innovation. … Continue reading

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The Innovation Pathway Curve of Understanding

The pathway curve methodology is a well structured way to move up in innovation understanding. Continue reading

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