Insights & Thinking

Here you will find my insights, publication and latest thinking related to areas of specific interest and value on my primary areas of innovation focus.
building-blocks-of-innovationMy building blocks on innovation


These are made up of frameworks, published articles, white papers and series collections from my posts, on areas of key focus in understanding innovation management.

All Links go directly to PDF’s

New Focal Areas that develop selected innovation themes collected into a series of posts for ease of reference

new critical addition: three-horizons-building-the-common-language-of-understanding

F1: crowdsourcing-encourage-it-out

F2: the-need-to-understand-our-innovation-capital

F3: moving-towards-a-new-way-of-managing-innovation

F4: requiring-a-dual-mindset-of-exploiting-exploring

F5: the-management-of-risk-innovation-what-holds-us-back

F6: is-innovation-disrupting-the-boardroom

F7: moving-innovation-into-the-core-series

F8: in-search-of-fluidity

F9: a-journey-towards-innovation-fitness.

Focus Area : The Interplay Surrounding Innovation

A White Paper The Critical Interplay among Innovation, Business Models and Change (6-2)

2nd White Paper Why innovators need a new change paradigm

Full Article Series supporting the Interplay : The Interplay Surrounding Innovation Collection

Focus Area. The Three Horizon Framework for Managing Innovation

White Paper : Clarifying Horizon Options for Multiple Innovation

Presentation Opener: Opener to the Three Horizons for Innovation

Series One: Connecting Innovating Futures to your Strategy Series one

Series Two: Seeing innovation across three horizons series 2

Series Three: The Critical Value Propositions of the Three Horizon Methodology

NEW– Series Four: three-horizons-building-the-common-language-of-understanding

Focus Area: The Executive Innovation Work Mat

A White Paper :Innovation Executive Work Mat initial whitepaper

Booklet 1: Understanding the Leaders Role in Innovation Alignment White Paper

Booklet 2: Work Mat Initial Seven Part Series Release Sept 2012

Booklet 3: Business Case for Leadership of Innovation within Organizations

Booklet 4: Further Business Case for Leaders Involvement in Innovation

Booklet 5: Deployment and Cascading Innovation

Booklet 6: The Importance of Strategic and Innovation Alignment

Focus Area: The Innovation Fitness Landscape and Dynamic Capabilities

Dedicated Website: This is at

A White Paper Innovation Fitness Landscapes White Paper

NEW– The Journey Outline: journey-towards-innovation-fitness

Focus Area: Innovation Capital and our intangible or intellectual assets

Extended Presentation: Innovation Capital for Building Dynamic Linkage

Focus Area: Building Understanding of Business Model Innovation

Series paper :Business Models Come Into Focus

Opening Presentation Deck teaser: Crunching SHORT Business Model Deck Opener

Concept Frame: Innovation & Business Model Framing Model Concept Work

Focus Area:  Digital’s Impact on Innovation

Series paper : The Arrival of the Digital Monsoon 3 part series

Focus Area: The Collaborative Innovation Framework

Dedicated Website : This is at

White Paper: providing the initial outline: Collaborative Innovation Reference Framework

My View of a Common Framework: The need for a common framework model for innovation management

There are three suggested presentation outlines can be best viewed in this ‘given’ order. These links take you to the dedicated site where you can view and equally download and even participate in taking these further.

Innovation Business Architecture

Innovation Reference Framework

Examination of Innovation Types

Focus Area: The Role of Education and Learning

Series paper : Three-part series exploring the value of knowledge and education for innovation

Focus Area: Cognitive Traps

Series paper: The Innovation Bunker Series on Cognitive Traps
















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