Fitness Landscape Dynamics for Innovation

Fitness Landscape Dynamics

Innovation is not so easy. There are so many dependencies that you need to work through. The importance of recognizing innovation needs a systematic approach becomes clear when you begin to work through all the needs and issues to understand and translate. Here are some thoughts:

By exploring and modelling the mutual dependencies, you get to see how the existing and alternative future innovation system will behave as you begin to map out and recognize the different emphasis points that make up your innovation system.

You can begin to identify the more important dynamic ones that require a more dedicated focus and place more of your resources behind. In contrast, others can evolve at their own pace or simply improve as they are far more dependent on the dynamic ones than you realized initially. These can get simply get ‘pulled along’ and rise equally in their performance.

The real need is to pass through different stages of understanding what makes up a dynamic fitness innovation landscape.

There is a complementary set of forces; improving one often triggers improvement in another. What you have to guard against is possibly ignoring one might equally impact negatively on others. Recognizing dependencies is critical, and their triggering effect makes innovation evolution even more dynamic.

The combination effect of gaining a greater innovation fitness effect comes from managing this over four stages of innovation fitness towards the dynamic capabilities stage and fitness landscape outcomes.

The four stages within each part of this journey are briefly:

  1. The goal within these stages is to identify the key dependencies relevant for improved innovation within your organization to discover
  2. What are the mutual dependencies that will have a more dynamic impact on your innovation system, so you understand
  3. What consequences come from this and how the changing environment will behave to consider the effect that then leads to
  4. What recognition and implications this has to put in place an ongoing, evolving set of innovation dynamics that keep you fit to perform innovation sustains higher performance.

Again, I want to emphasise here that this is an evolving journey. Still, the critical recognition here is that for innovation to continue to be the driver of future growth and wealth, it clearly needs to have a greater understanding and recognition of its management potential within organizations.

This site I’ve made as a dedicated one to the innovation journey. Go to if you are determined to push beyond today’s accepted, often ‘lagging’ performance from innovation activity and raise the innovation performance engine up within your organization’s efforts.

I believe we do have this critical need to have in place a growing clarity of the factors needed to consistently deliver a more ‘leading’ position of knowing what does actually have a real dynamic impact, both on an organizations innovation performance and the individual contributions that contribute towards the required strategic goals and objectives.

This, I feel, states any journey and how we plan this out to traverse across the terrain towards better innovation solutions that make up the dynamics of innovation and provide a ‘fitness’ solution that is unique to your needs.

Care to share and join the journey? We can discuss how I can join you on your own innovation journey and enable greater innovation fitness we all need to achieve. Innovation is a hard road to travel without the appropriate recognition of all it entails.

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