We all need a different Social Media profile? Now.

We are in a very different time, a social distancing time that might lead to a different type of work, one that you will have to be forced to stand out from the crowd as a socially engaged person.

A growing reality might be that many people will be forced to stay at home until a vaccine is found, due to their risk of infection. Travel might become off-limits for many.

As we come out of the present crisis, we need to look at our social engagement and influencer profiles as we need to engage with the world differently. We will be in a greater world of virtual management, earning our “daily crust” from what we do at a distance.

This crisis period has become even more dominated by Social Media. What can this teach us?

What is being pushed towards us is overwhelming. We presently see the significant ramping up of webinars, @home advice, those multiple suggestions to fill our time but, is it making a real difference to you besides filling time?

It has one real problem. It is others talking to you. Your voice is missing most, and you need to be heard more than ever. You will need to begin to drive your significant engagement, not rely on others but your views and opinions!

All of this activity is being pushed towards you; you need to now organize yourself to “push back.” This is a time where you need to be seen and heard. You need to stand out and be recognized. This is a time for your social engagement.

It can be a time of significant distraction or time of thinking about what will help each of us to re-orient to a different set of realities and futures.

Are we ready for it, or did you merely ‘park’ your life on hold in these lockdown weeks? If we need to learn anything, it is simply that the world is going to be VERY DIFFERENT, so we need to start re-engaging differently.

How can we all be more productive now in what we do, learn, and get ready? We have become a “virtual online world,” and social media skills become increasingly relevant for each of us.

The changing world for Organizations- not physical events but becoming reliant on on-line and digital delivery

Many companies are struggling to keep themselves in ‘plain view’ to help continue their activities and shape the emerging needs when ‘lockdown’ or economic activity begins to return in the coming weeks.

The previous reliance on showcasing their latest products or technology will be less at physical events but in digital environments through a range of social mediums. They will be forced to ramp up their own social media present accordingly and many are badly prepared for this.

What about you as an individual, how will you be seen as “differentiated enough” to be part of the solution, not part of the problem? How can you be seen as leading and supporting your organization’s need for a “share of presence”, to step up and be seen as someone that could engage, amplify and influence others?

None of us remain unaffected from these unprecedented times

As we all re-evaluate our changing world there are realities that we all facing in this global crisis. We are about to meet some harsh realities that will mean we are all scrambling to rethink, to reposition ourselves to regain a new momentum after our economic lives have been shut down as well as our physical ones.

“Striking a balance between allowing economic activities and keeping controls tight enough to prevent a rise in infections “is likely to be the optimal strategy until effective vaccines become widely available, despite the fact that control policies, including social distancing, behavioral change, and public awareness will probably be maintained for some time”.- Guardian Article

We are about to enter a very different business and social world, where the name of the game will be to hold onto what we have got and fight for survival. We need to regain some level of control to balance our lives, as we feel that cold economic wind, one that will be blowing on us all. Will we find our income lost or that feeling that what we have known or achieved now seems all under threat? Possible, very possible.

A different business landscape could mean significant disruption to many of our own activities, all the way through to perhaps the end of this year, yes, the whole of 2020. We are facing a year of significant change in how we manage, prepare, interact, and provide value to others.

We are entering a highly fluid and rapidly adaptive world.

We are not returning to the old normal, that has gone, buried in the last few weeks. Where will our attention go, where will our creative energy be channeled, are we adaptive enough to make a switch, this is not a time for efficiency this is a time for being highly creative and very innovative. We all need to become far more “highly” creative to sense, respond, and react to very different marketplaces, to find our place within these.

The shift must be swift and decisive for each of us.

We must put on hold or totally abandon our past plans and goals. We must look to a  more ad hoc, opportunistic future to survive and respond. We can’t afford to be passive; we need to become personally engaged.

This is not just a wake-up call for the self-employed, or daily workers, this is about to sweep in and take many sitting in organizations.  Those that receive a regular salary perhaps about to face layoffs, downsizing, extended furloughs, and being told about all resizing that will all be very much in Corporate leader’s minds in the months ahead.

We need to recognize the economic tsunami coming towards us.  

We need a new plan. We need to get out there and present where we, as individuals, stand apart. We need to find creative ways to stand out. In many ways, social media has given us many of the tools and the abilities to shape our own futures, we are all on some level of “zero” or reset. We need to capitalize on our social contribution, we need people to see us and value this.

To be seen, we do need to communicate, or will we simply go back to being passive readers of other people’s thoughts and opinions? Or will we see this might become a “dog eat dog” world to climb back up the food chain?

Social media is in for a really very different onslaught of opinions, views, suggestions, appeals, and advice. There will be a very different set of winners and losers in marketing understanding and communicating their offerings. Can you position yourself to become active and engaged? We do need to get back out there and establish our presence.

What I think will not go away is the ones that position themselves in a new order of advocacy and influence. Emerging leaders or doers that offer an experience, not just “tweet” it on from someone else.

There is an urgent need to explore and experiment to determine your new “norm.”

All business activity has significantly dipped, in confidence and in the future, as so much is unclear, and regular activities are put on hold. Budgets and Resources will be reviewed continuously in this interim period of the remainder of this calendar year and beyond.

We all need an adaptive pivoting strategy that is continuously renewed. What can we provide in a world that is virtually online for some time and companies looking to re-engagement?

This is a time for the opportunity to develop new skills and communication capabilities in a world of changed expectations, where there is the need to act fast and decisively while maintaining flexibility in the face of uncertainties and making sure your views are heard.

Are you gearing up to a different world where you, as an individual, need to be seen, heard, and valued far more than ever before? My pivoting is very much a present work-in-progress, but I feel sure I am not alone in doing that.


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