The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

tate of Innovation Management HypeAs we come closer to the year-end it’s good to look back, make some dedicated time to take ‘stock’, in this case, on innovation’s progress. In a just released “The State of Innovation Management in 2015” that I have authored and kindly provided by HYPE for free, I believe you will find something of interest that you missed during a busy year, coming to a close. I certainly hope you will find time to go through it.

You’ll gain a valuable and quick insight into critical aspects that innovation managers and CINO’s should be aware of. It is in an easy format of thirty plus pages and offers a reference resource that builds a solid understanding of innovation today regarding relevant factors that will stimulate and support your innovation activity.

The Surge of innovation reports in 2015

I am sure you have experienced that in 2015 we have seen a significant surge in innovation reports, many of these coming from large consulting firms or innovation publishers. Each has been providing an updated view on where innovation presently ‘sits’, in its challenges and the needs to be addressed going forward.

I approached HYPE and suggested that there should be an attempt to pick out some of the interesting points within these reports, I was promptly given the challenge and they are providing this for free, a year-end bonus I feel.

Go to this link, which takes you to the landing page and simply register to obtain this free report provided by HYPE at the year-end.

Investing your time is always at a premium, I trust this report is worth it.

I decided this would be valuable to save you time or reconnecting to some good reports that came out in 2015. Usually we simply don’t have the dedicated time to wade through all these reports, they seem to come in waves or sometimes we even simply just miss them.

In this report now released I was highly conscious of saving your time and have tried to make as much of the reporting visual with as little text as necessary. Your need is to determine what is relevant to your situation and within the links provided you can explore these more if they have a real relevance, I’d bet one or two really will..

The tough part was on deciding what to review, include or exclude. I took the view of just reviewing all the known (to me) reports coming out in 2015, with an exception or two going back to 2014 if it supported my thinking of what I think you might view as relevant as against just interesting. I was looking to achieve some “actionable relevancy”

I ‘housed those’ under a few important headings

These included leadership issues, concerns and needs, secondly the poor way we seem to be spending our innovation budgets, thirdly some handy lists of the benefits of collaborating seen from both the large and small organizations perspective.

Also an excellent bench marking study full of really relevant tables that will get you comparing or constructing your own comparisons, some aspects of global R&D spending, a short view of some innovation leaders who gathered and debated three ‘choice’ topics of their top of mind concerns around innovation.

Finally I had to include one report on looking at the new innovation equation, a report I really felt was not well-distributed but full of interesting thoughts and relevant tables to compare where you are with their reported group.

I am hopeful it gives you a stimulating read over the coming festivities as we begin to move forward into 2016 with some helpful looking back from these selected 2015 reports. If you need any further interpretation or my further perspective you know where to find me.

Here is the landing page again, simply register for the report and then hopefully it offers you something of value to you.

Again, if there some given areas  that trigger your need to explore these further, then HYPE and I can certainly help provide deeper connections and insights. This is part of my advisory bag to support you in your innovation advancement, I hope the report does just that..


Happy reading, a really great start to 2016. Innovation will continue to be at the forefront of our business needs


2 thoughts on “The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post. New innovation system analysis defined and managed effectively and efficiently could enable companies to take advantage of unique way of doing business by exploiting own innovation capital often regarded as form of new intellectual property rights i.e. protect your ideas. Companies must define what constitute innovation and how to manage innovation portfolios to generate wealth worldwide.


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