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The Real Race is to Invest in Knowledge Assets and Grand Innovation Challenges

We need to connect our knowledge and put these assets into solving ‘grand challenges.’ Lets focus on the bigger picture here. Developing our knowledge and then putting it to good use gives us the potential for securing a competitive position- … Continue reading

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Making those increasing connections

I am always looking for innovations connections. This last week I’ve been working around some different themes that grew in interest the more I investigated them, both in their importance and messages. I’m undertaking a rather exciting approach to describing … Continue reading

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The Innovating Era: Creative Destruction or Destructive Creation?

We have been entering some perilous times recently and I can’t imagine when Joseph Schrumpeter outlined his groundbreaking efforts for explaining “creative destruction” he or anyone else, could image this being flipped around to what we are facing more today, … Continue reading

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Those disruptive moments when you simply need to let go

Emotional attachment prompts some incredibly strong bonds, a host of clear affections and different reactions when it comes to our favourite brands or products. When something suddenly ‘disrupts’ this, it triggers a set of mixed emotions that shakes you and … Continue reading

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Hard times need a plan, based on what-survival?

I was looking through some ‘sage’ advice from McKinsey on managing in a crisis, in really hard times, and one really got me thinking, so I thought I’d share this. “Use the hard times to concentrate on and strengthen your … Continue reading

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Seeking Innovation Productivity through Creative Destruction.

The whole issue of innovation productivity is getting more and more one of the key arguments for re-gaining economic growth. The problem becomes the real impact of ‘creative destruction’ that can often go with this. I recently wrote in a … Continue reading

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