Blogging Intent

There are an incredible number of areas that could be discussed in a blog concerning innovation. I try to modify my list of interest as time goes on, as the feedback or reactions to these posts will partly shape and determine the better ones, but my opening thoughts revolve around:

1. Identifying the drivers and focal areas of innovation change

2. Exploring the dynamics and intensity needed for innovation and the fitness landscape.

3. The need for greater collaboration- where, what and why and even a how or two.

4. The building of a sustaining innovation model or its business architecture

5. Exploring different capabilities and competencies that need to abound

6. Making a better (business) case for innovation so it actually happens!

7. My BHAGS (big hairy audacious goals) for innovation understanding

8. “Heads of Steam” that simply get me going, happy (or mad!)

9. The seeming ‘lemming race’ for innovation and the jumping off search for ‘instant’ alternatives

10. Different types of innovation require different thinking and application.

11. Hunting for new hunting ground through seeing those intersections for innovation.

12 The dogma, mindsets and inertia that dominate thinking and constrain progress.

13. The pressures to innovate- wasted energy, busted guts and broken promises.

14. Often the hidden human dimensions of innovation that make a real difference not often appreciated or valued.

15. Innovation jobs-to-be-done and challenges to overcome

16. The Three Horizon Methodology for Innovation

17. Seeking Innovation alignment to Strategic intent

18. Business Model Design for Larger Organizations

19. Knowing the Capabilities and Competencies needed for Innovation

20. Working towards a Common Framework and Language for Innovation

So in laying out my agenda I have hoisted my innovation flag, laid out my themes and put that proverbial ‘stake’ in the ground on this blogs intent. Let’s hope I can meet my own ideals in the coming weeks, months and even years achieve a certain ‘resonate’ with you.

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