About Paul

Continuing the innovation journey

Continuing the innovation journey

My name is Paul Hobcraft.

I simply enjoy innovation. I got ‘hooked’ fifteen years ago and since then have increasingly focused upon innovation until it is 100% of my business thinking and activities today.

I research across innovation, looking to develop novel innovation solutions and  frameworks where appropriate. I provide possible answers to many issues associated around innovation with a range of solutions that underpin my advisory, coaching and consulting work at  www.agilityinnovation.com .

The aim is to support individuals, teams and organizations in their innovation activity applying what I have learnt to further develop core innovation understanding so clients can achieve positive and sustaining results from their innovating activities.

For me, innovation needs to enter the DNA of our organizations and our own individual make-up. In my writing I try to offer a range of thoughts on different aspects of innovation to help each of us to understand this subject better.

Innovation as a source for our growth fascinates me.

I hope I can share some of this passion with you here on this site as I search for the DNA make-up of innovation.

I’ve written previously on my own personal finding our true purpose and summed this up with “yes, I’m aiming for transformational in results, from my own learning and understanding, so as to relate these into clients challenges and problems, yet I’m often reminded this evolving practice of innovation is equally applying more and more to my own evolving innovation design.”

What I do is to deliberately set out to help grow and extend the body of  knowledge on innovation. Having this 100% focus I do believe does provide the necessary additional intensity of focus needed for innovation success that someone who specializes in it can only provide.

Refer to two web sites : www.agilityinnovation.com and its related sister company www.hocaconsulting.com

Recently I set up a dedicated site for exploring the components of our ‘fitness’ make-up for innovation, outlining my working towards an approach that can model what is dynamic and not that improves innovation performance.. This dedicated site can be found at www.innovationfitnessdynamics.com

As for my personal journey

How I got to this point I can only say it has been varied, challenging but full of fun and learnings. This has taken me to live and work in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, and recently twelve years in Singapore. Today, I live in Switzerland, my adopted home.

I’ve worked in a number of  senior positions within global corporations, in global, regional, country and functional levels tackling different challenges.

The work has been varied, the challenges diverse coming from starting up different businesses, turning difficult ones around in challenging conditions more than once, re-engineering a global organization over a three year period, living permanently out of a suitcase (or two) for months at a time in each of the major global locations,  or simply accelerating companies, getting them through critical mass points, for achieving their positive contributing footprint within the world.

After I moved to Ticino in Switzerland, from Singapore, I am spending different times between the two but increasingly focusing on innovation that ‘simply spans’ globally, working on the foundations initially laid down in Asia and advanced while in Europe.

My present focus is spent mostly building this innovation practice, providing my advice on building the right capabilities and capacities, into organizations wanting to advance on what they have already in place to improve, even accelerate their innovation competencies..

Voted into the top three bloggers

Voted into the top three innovation bloggers for 2011, also again for 2012, then for 2013 I managed to creep up and gain the 2nd spot on a leading Global Innovation Community- Innovation Excellence (IX) and maintained a top 10 position in 2014.

Also voted within the top 50 tweeters on sharing about the subject of innovation in 2012, again in 2013 and in 2014 and recently 2015 by the IX community.

These accolades are highly appreciated and valued– they inspire me to keep innovating in my own way, developing the theory and practice as well as help me in my own work.

I believe……..I can contribute

I believe I can contribute to the wider innovation community we are all part of, to support the innovation activities we all need to undertake,  through my advising, coaching, writing and mentoring on innovation, as well as through my ongoing consulting work to stimulate others and we all gain equally from these collaborative exchanges.

Enjoy your reading, stay in touch please

Paul Hobcraft

3 thoughts on “About Paul

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  2. Paul hi, would like to say hello and tell you how much i like your writings in your Blog. I have highlighted your latest on my Facebook and Twitter for today to let others become aware. I am about to launch my own company Horizon2Technologies and i know that name will mean something to you. All the very best.
    Mark Preece


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