Are you coming to the Innovation Virtual Summit?

So there is an innovation virtual summit about to happen between 28th November 2017 and 8th December 2017. Each day you can watch for free the different video sessions, with new video sessions released on a daily basis. The final schedule will be sent by email after your registration.

For some weeks this has been in preparation and as I am lucky enough to be one of the curators and hosts, I had the chance to chat with SIX terrific and highly knowledgeable people around different  subject that are dear to all our hearts, overcoming barriers and resolving many tough issues surrounding innovation.

So What Is Your #1 Question or Challenge in the next 6 to 18 months?

There is a very good chance there is an answer or a trigger into getting you closer to resolving your questions and challenges by tuning into and listening to some 28+ Innovation Experts Sharing Their Strategies and Tactics That Work.

The organizers crowdsourced the questions from their global community of 29,000+ corporate innovators, and they never imagined they would get such a huge response. The point is “Whatever challenge you’re trying to tackle right now, someone else already has figured it out. So by asking these 28 innovation experts to answer them, we clustered the questions into broader themes and then explored these in exchanges that had different depth and breadth to them that can give real value to many of the ‘burning’ questions we, as innovators, have to face.

It’s free, and you can attend on any device, from anywhere you have an internet connection. The interview talks will be available online to watch at your own convenience – there’s no strict schedule to follow.

Virtual Summits have a great future to support

I think virtual summits are becoming a real differentiator and one of the main reasons to work on this. This is organized by the team from under their innov8rs brand.So why should virtual be for you? Some benefits suggested by the organizers.

There is no travel and you can watch anywhere with an internet connection. In the office, during your commute, on your couch. There’s no flight or hotel room to book, saving you thousands of euros, travel time, and time away from the office and your family. No need to get a budget from your boss, how does that sound? For me utterly worth the time and effort to learn at my own pace, where I choose, when I choose.

The flexible schedule simply works for you, in your time and need. The interview talks will be available online to watch at your own convenience – there’s no strict schedule to follow and everything will be available until December 15th, and if you want to purchase these longer you’ll get access to all the interviews and bonus material forever. Follow this link to sign up.

It is a really unique set of experts. Virtual events are becoming more important for us all, to get better understandings across at times that are more convenient. They can be increasingly tailored to get so much closer to your specific needs. In this case crowdsourcing, clustering and expert exchanges give a closer experience to addressing your challenges in a broader context. I think this beats so many of those bland ‘one-Corporate view only’ set of experiences that really so very often provide little ‘take home’ value apart from shades of jealousy or “we wish”. These speakers at this conference are very committed to driving innovation, it is their passion, work and diversity of experiences that get drawn out, and I, in my discussions, do certainly got the distinct impression are genuinely committed to helping the broader innovation community, meaning you, to succeed.

 Let me highlight the SIX experts I worked with

I had the delight of working on SIX key topics with a terrific group of knowledgeable people. I gained from the exchanges, it generated such terrific insights, ideas, and triggers to lift up my understanding and help me ‘fill in’ my questions and set me some of my own challenges for next year. They really did discuss different topics that are often top of mind for all innovators, intrapreneurs, and teams tackling innovation. The value also becomes one of those not working in the innovation space but have direct responsibility or simply curiosity on different parts of the innovation story will gain immeasurably from registering and attending this virtual summit.

The group I shared thoughts and heard their ideas and experiences on overcoming problems, dealing with challenges or simply drawing down from their experiences were stimulating sessions. I’d encourage you to catch all of these, as well as many, many other great exchanges.

Meet the curators and hosts

The curators and hosts for this virtual summit had such a diversity of experience and geographical coverage. I am wanting to tune in to many of their sessions to learn from their experiences and exchanges with the experts. This included:

So come on, join me, it’s online and free. Hopefully, I’ll see you there. Here is my link  

The Innovator’s Handbook 2018 – Virtual Summit gives you cross-industry best practices, and ready-to-use and easy-to-implement advice from in-the-trenches experts…and you can attend on any device, from anywhere you have an internet connection and then you can sign up for sharing with your team and colleagues in the months ahead for a small one-off fee to give you access to all the content forever.

There is an upgrade option before or once you get the ‘feel’ of the Virtual Summit

This upgrade is a no-obligation option when you sign up for the free virtual summit.

What does this upgrade offer? If you do upgrade you have anytime access to all 88+ videos forever. This comes with your own playbook called the Innov8rs Handbook 2018. It is a professionally written and designed playbook, organized by topic area and question, containing the key points, strategies and practices from each expert session.

If you upgrade, you also get 25% discount for any event of your choice in 2018 from the organizers of some great conferences. Not just for 1 ticket, but for 5 tickets. Yup, that means you can bring your team.

The free Summit pass comes with one week of access to an exclusive Innov8rs online community. If you chose to turn this into your upgrade, you’ll get full community access for one month for direct access to best practices; weekly live expert sessions; and on-demand advice and support from a community of people who, just like you, are leading innovation, transformation, and growth initiatives in their organizations.

Finally, a choice for you on upgrades, now or later. If you decide to upgrade irrespective of waiting for the virtual conference it is only €88. The price goes up to €188 when the summit starts on November 28. Up to you, no obligation but it might make real sense of what you will be getting.

Don’t miss the first-ever crowdsourced and virtual Innovation Summit. It holds real promise and plenty of valuable content and learning. It is 100% co-created by corporate innovators, for corporate innovators.
Come join me and many others, it is well worth your time and attendance.


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