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Building for the Innovation Business Case

One of the toughest aspects within Innovation is making the Business Case. Much of the information is imperfect, the returns are often fuzzy and unclear in the early stages and the doubters line up ready to block and deter new ideas … Continue reading

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Are we constantly checking for the ‘pulse’ of innovation?

So often our innovation health seems to change abruptly or equally just simply slip away. It could be caused by many things: a call for reorganization or restructuring or a key part of the team decides to leave. It might … Continue reading

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Placing Design into the Innovation Equation

Let me be clear, this is not my blog entry I really wish it was. It is the relevant part of a blog written by Sarah Stein Greenberg ( that just seemed to hit one of those ‘buttons’ that sum … Continue reading

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Moving towards a more distributed innovation model

How are we going to really unlock the true potential of frontline managers, middle managers and the whole workforce for ‘seeing’ and engaging for their contribution to innovation? Far too many organizations still don’t provide the opportunity for everyone to … Continue reading

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Opening up your thinking to dynamic capabilities for innovation success

As someone who runs a small, independent consulting and research business that is 100% focused on innovation, I am always grateful for the continued involvement of the bigger consulting companies in producing sound, relevant and topical research issues on innovation. … Continue reading

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Taking on the world; unfettered, different and holistic innovation

Taking a little more time out to delve into the excellent articles provided by Europe’s top innovation on-line magazine, one article caught my eye. It compelled me to comment upon as it relates to Singapore that is dear to … Continue reading

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