So why does everything seemingly come in seven?

Recently I was going through my files and was amazed how the use of ‘seven’ came up to form some sort of magic ‘seven’ framework. I’m not sure if we can blame this all on the “seven wonders of the world” but ‘seven’ has some magic  perhaps when it also comes to listing. Is it because our attention span can’t absorb more than seven things at a time? Ok, I can hear my wife say “Seven, you, huh!”

Let me give you a flavor of this use of ‘seven’

  • Seven keys to designing your innovation
  • Seven success factors
  • Seven habits of effective people
  • Seven innovation myths
  • Seven kinds of consequences
  • Seven deadly sins of Road mapping
  • Seven levels of sustainability
  • 3M’s seven pillars for innovation

The list could go on….and on. So why does seven seemingly loom so large for us?

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