Going innovating step-by-step for renewal makes sense.

Renewal- this seems to be really an important issue we all need to think about today; in society, in our organizations, in our institutions. Renewal of what we already have does can give us further opportunity to improve on it for what we know that works, what we think is right, what we value and what we just simply need to enhance.

We don’t always need to just throw away what we have and simply replace it with something completely new. This has its real adoption problems, it takes time and often a lot of money. Sometimes is just does not make sense to simply abandon, when recognition and adjustment would simply really do. Knowing what is good and with that clarity of what needs to be changed is often a better route to take.

We should look at what you have, in our current portfolio of products, services, guidelines & policies and see if they can be ‘freshened up’. In today’s difficult times exploring renewal is very worthwhile. Offering change constantly is very disturbing, improving, if we can, on what we already have is not, it is cheaper and often far more effective.

A more structured and systematic approach though, should be taken

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Renewing Innovation through the Social Innovation Agenda

The challenges are growing in their social dimension across Europe, the United States and a host of other countries, both developed and developing, that are needing new fresh responses. Social demands will inevitably increase as nations are being confronted with budgetary constraints, increased deficits and mounting debts to resolve. Social needs will become more pressing and innovation, social innovation, will increasingly explore opportunities to extract ‘more from less’. Innovation can play an increasing part in resolving social challenges that are increasingly confronting us.

Starting a new movement on social innovation in Europe

Recently I became a member of www.socialinnovationeurope.eu . I certainly  feel this is going to offer something exciting and vibrant. It is a growing community of thinkers, creators and innovators with the knowledge and skills to change the way we face Europe’s most pressing issues. Contributors to the site will take a strong hand in shaping the direction of social innovation across Europe, breaking down silos and raising a unified voice. I need to find my own part in this, as there are multiple ways for contribution, which I’m still presently figuring out.

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