Achieving a sense of renewal to your innovation activities.

Innovating for the future lies with a fresh approach

We need to constantly renew within ourselves. There is a time when your innovation efforts may need a serious renewal and for many this might be now. Knowing when to invest in an innovation renewal and organizing for it is like any other organizational activity.

Those that are honest enough to admit that what they have achieved to-date in innovation activity is just not going to ‘cut it’ for the future will be making a  very ‘tough’ call but it might be one of the best ones you are about to make. I think we all need to think of a renewal of innovation as essential in our thinking as over time many things have changed and moved on. We need not just to adjust in our objectives but more importantly to adapt and acknowledge that our innovation understanding has greatly improved, so we need to reflect this in our innovation structures, processes and systems.

Challenge the ‘legacy’ within.

Considerable investment has gone into previous innovation activity but much of this is actually ‘legacy’ and perhaps our current innovation practices are ‘frozen’ in past times and organized around out-of-date structures and processes. We all (should) have been learning about new concepts and approaches to innovation and what these can bring in growth, sustainability and value to our organizations.

Often we don’t allow ourselves to call for a thorough review of our innovation infrastructure.  We also sometimes need to expand out our thinking and push it a little more with future foresight, fresh visions and bolder challenges. We need to truly capitalize on the emerging practices of innovation, not just based only on yesterday’s experiments and successes or achieved through outdated past behaviors and thinking.

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