Agility and Innovation in an Increasingly Open World

Can we reset the clock? Or do we look afresh? Knowing the answer to ‘evolving’ is never easy, can you draw down selected parts from the past or do you need to step back and see emerging patterns in different ways? Can you make new connections but recognizing the value of past learning but combining these differently? I think yes.

I’ve been taking some time out of the daily innovation business to look towards where I’d like my future direction for innovation to head. These are early days and as I learn, I sure I’ll pivot to emerging market needs within the innovation advisory market place.

I feel there are nine primary components that are making up my shift in my innovation focus for my future focal points. These are not, at present “written in stone” but I feel can move my innovating work towards a higher maximization of value for my advice to clients. Perhaps this will also allow me to have a sharper focus.

Let me share these:

Are these the best, do they push enough?

Primary Innovation Components 1 Dec 2013Primary Innovation Components 2 Dec 2013Primary Innovation Components 3 Dec 2013

 innovation deeper into the organizations I am targeting? What do I need to attach to these primary components to make them as recognized needs?

I need to think deeper – any thoughts would be welcome to help in this shifting I believe is absolutely necessary for me?

3 thoughts on “Agility and Innovation in an Increasingly Open World

  1. Hi Paul – Happy New Year! I like the structure above, and one thought struck me while reading this very interesting post. The point is Leadership; leadership to pull and push the organisation through the framework; and innovation leadership in the market once implemented. So what you have above is the Innovation Leadership Framework.

    – Kevin


  2. Hi Paul. I like the nine components. Here are my comments for each one to help me understand your shift.:
    1. Designing and Aligning Innovation to Strategy: What is this a shift from? I suggest you ask this for each of your nine proposed focus areas. I interpret this to mean a shift from not having innovation as a top priority and organizations too focused on executing ta rigid business strategy?? I know this sounds crazy, but a simple thing I tell all my clients is “You are not in the XXXXXXXXXXXX business, you are in the Innovation Business that focuses on XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.” Example: You are not a Dentist, you are an Innovatologist who happens to be a very good Dentist.” Stop thinking about executing Dentistry and start innovating new ways to do Dentistry!!

    2. What are the different types of Innovation? I will do a Goggle search, but would like yours. I like the focus on Design:The Place Where Creativity comes to Life!!

    3. Agile organizations is a significant shift from Status Quo environments.

    4. I’m not sure if this is a shift in Innovation or shift in marketing strategy. I like Seeing Innovation as Global vs. seeing it as local or only within one country.

    5. I clearly see the shift; from being “pigeon holed”, but how diversified should as organization be and still maintain excellence; Nike has yet to to do cell phones and Cloud computing.

    6. Shifting from ….

    7. Is this related to a James F. Moore strategic planning concept of a business ecosystem?

    8. Are you referring to people or the organization it self?

    9. I like this one!

    This was fun. I really enjoyed learning from you. So here is how I might market your 9 Components of Innovation:

    1. Innovation as The Strategy – A shift from innovation as a buzz word.
    2. Innovation Created in Design – A shift from innovation based on function only.
    3. Innovation across Networks – A shift from innovation within “the inner circle”.
    4. Innovation as Global – A shift from a single geographical influence.
    5. Innovation through Expansion – A shift from playing it safe.
    6. Innovation as a Platform – A shift from building the business by executing to a rigid plan.
    7. Innovation within Business Ecosystems – A shift from innovating without symbiotic collaboration with competitors.
    8. innovation as a Core Competency – A shift from not training everyone in innovation and design.
    9. Innovation with Rhythm – A shift from only innovating when needed.

    Look forward to your return comments. I hope I have stimulated your “Innovative” spirit!



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