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Is the balance in innovation activity about to change?

Is digital technology we see emerging today going to be able to provide the positive tension between rational and randomness that takes place in our innovation activities today? Will digital begin to dominate our innovation thinking, will we lose this … Continue reading

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As new digital technology dawns for innovation

Digital Technology is significantly challenging organizations to re-think and re-equip due to the emergence of big data, smart mobile connectivity, social media, cloud, analytics and the growing commercialization. These are all driving external technology change, all clearly pointing towards a … Continue reading

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The proliferation of transitory moments are ahead

Recently I was reading that up to now, each digital technology change was a separate era but today we are facing something seemingly different, a collision, a whole mash-up of disparate technologies and systems, that  seem to be heading for … Continue reading

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Smart, Connected Products Will Radically Alter the Value Proposition.

Marketing has worked for years in framing the marketing mix on the classic 4P theory of product, price, promotion and place for finding its value proposition. Then this was extended for the need to bring in the service aspect, by … Continue reading

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The Arrival of the Digital Monsoon for Innovation

If you ever have lived in the tropics you know of the arrival of the monsoons. Skies darken, clouds gather, often thunder and lightning combine, the wind picks up and the rain ‘announces’ its arrival in sheer torrents of heavy, … Continue reading

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Multiple Use of the Business Model Canvas

Recently I was having a ‘conversation’ with Alexander Osterwalder concerning the limited adoption of the Business Model Canvas within large organizations. I was asking him if he agreed and if he had any thoughts on this. Now if you know … Continue reading

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Making untested hypotheses compatible to Business model innovation success

An email from Business model innovation hub (http://bit.ly/bnTd6G) landed on my laptop that stopped me to think a little harder on the whole momentum of Business model innovation. It summarized the ‘breaking’ collaborative work going on between Alexander Osterwalder, Steve … Continue reading

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