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Are we moving towards integrated software for innovation management?

What is striking me recently is the upsurge in the software being specifically designed for managing innovation. The competition seems to be warming up in the more ‘standalone’ out-of-the box segment and the innovation tools being provided are certainly accelerating … Continue reading

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Organizations are in a constant dilemma concerning innovation

The issue of “where does innovation fit?” is one of the most difficult ones to address in many organizations. It seems to fit uncomfortably for many. At the top of our organizations they ‘require’ innovation but will often not want … Continue reading

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How are you evolving the function and design for innovation?

Organizations are struggling to forge a new path that captures opportunities fast and also exploiting that increasing need of being adaptive and flexible. They are looking at structures for their innovation activity that are taking a more agile and focused … Continue reading

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Successful Innovation needs a common language, context and communicating

People disconnect because they lack what is needed to connect!  Innovation thrives from knowledge and you need to make sure this is allowed to flow. To achieve those essential knowledge connections, you need a shared understanding of innovation, that common … Continue reading

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Measuring and motivating the innovation elephant

I often think of the parable of “The Elephant and the Blind Men” when I get into discussions about measuring innovation. What are truths, what are the fallacies?  The parable implies that one’s often subjective experience can be true on … Continue reading

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Recognizing the conditions for changing innovation’s culture and climate

Tackling the culture and climate that is needed to create a thriving innovation environment is complex. In this post I can only touch on certain points to trigger that deeper examination and offer the stimulus and considerations it needs. Within … Continue reading

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The environment for innovation does really matter

The Executive Innovation Work Mat methodology requires investigation and engagement across the seven domains or components that make up the work mat.  The aim of any work mat discussions undertaken with executives focuses upon bringing out the parts necessary for … Continue reading

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Correcting an innovation oversight sometimes hits you hard!

I’ve had one of those weeks where a certain realization took hold, something that had been nagging away at you suddenly surfaces and slaps you in the face. Ouch! I have just completed my own gap-analysis on how I have … Continue reading

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The Role of Governance needed in Innovation

Later this month a book I have looked forward too, is finally being launched. It is called “Innovation Governance: How Top Management Organizes and Mobilizes for Innovation” written by Jean-Philippe Deschamps & Beebe Nelson.  Jean-Philippe Deschamps is emeritus Professor of … Continue reading

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The role senior executives must fill for innovation success

Jeffrey Phillips of Ovo Innovation and I wrote a White Paper, we called our foundation document, on “Accelerating or inhibiting innovation – understand your role for innovation success”. You can read the full paper here We strongly believe there is … Continue reading

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