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Organizations are in a constant dilemma concerning innovation

The issue of “where does innovation fit?” is one of the most difficult ones to address in many organizations. It seems to fit uncomfortably for many. At the top of our organizations they ‘require’ innovation but will often not want … Continue reading

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Entering the zone of innovation uncertainty

“The future never stays the same as it is in the present”.  Today we grapple with more uncertainty than ever before. For many of us this is the time of year when planning out the future becomes more ‘top of … Continue reading

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The fog surrounding innovation

I’ve been in a little bit of an innovation fog recently, I’m possibly losing orientation. I hear so much sound around me but it is becoming disorientating, I’m not sure where to tread.  Am I heading in the right direction, … Continue reading

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The essential innovation vision

In a recent leadership study on innovation by Capgemini Consulting, one of the studies top line concerns was the lack of a well-articulated innovation strategy, and then beyond this, a lack of organizational understanding of the linkages required. It is … Continue reading

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What’s hot and what is not in Innovation currently?

So what is hot, what is not in innovation at present? Any thoughts? What do we need to remind ourselves about as we go about our ‘daily’ innovation business? Some of my top of the mind quick thoughts: Innovation is … Continue reading

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Clear trends are shaping the future of innovation

In the last week or so I took a step back to look at the emerging trends around innovation. It certainly seems to have a bright future but its management is growing in complexity. It now needs a deeper understanding … Continue reading

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The forming of new structures- the business ecosystem of innovation federations

At present we are seemingly in a state of flux, we are learning to move from linear innovation models into more dynamic ones that are increasingly forming around innovation ecosystems. Our whole understanding of innovation is changing; we are evaluating … Continue reading

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