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There are two distinct parts to any Innovation Funnel

I wrote in an earlier blog called “the new extended innovation funnel” (http://bit.ly/hQTEJz) my reasoning for thinking differently from our traditional view of how the innovation funnel should look like. I feel it should look more like this. The ‘classic’ … Continue reading

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Walking that narrow innovation pathway.

Walking that narrow innovation pathway needs some rethinking. The narrow innovation pathway “Innovation is the pathway to travel and seek out our future” Today there is as much a gap between the aspiration to innovate and the ability to deliver … Continue reading

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The new extended innovation funnel

The ideas funnel has been with us a long time. We put our ideas into the funnel and then through a process of elimination out ‘pop’s’ finished products. Henry Chesbrough’s famous depiction of the Open Funnel has continued that concept, … Continue reading

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