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Developing talent to drive innovation

I recently participated in a survey for APQC that was looking to identify the hot topics within product development and innovation. One or two hot spots surprised me, others less so. In the round-up of results almost two-thirds of survey … Continue reading

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Approaching innovation through fitness dynamics needs a structured approach.

This post follows on from my recent one of “the Innovation Journeyman.”  We do have a real journey still to travel to understand the dynamics within innovation. Here, I want to lay out a possible path that might advance us … Continue reading

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The Innovation Journeyman

My  personal innovation journey started way back in 2001 when I got ‘hooked’ on innovation and what it could deliver in it’s impact into a business; for greater engagement within the organization and increased identification through their people, with the … Continue reading

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Using visuals to understand the business offering and its evolution.

I do so enjoy doing a wordle (www.wordle.net), they make you feel a whole lot clearer on what and where any focus might be, or has been, from a perspective of my business and how it is evolving in content … Continue reading

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