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Larger repeating aspects

Three Horizons – fields of future, full of foresight.

I’d like to relate to parts of a book that came out in late 2013 from Bill Sharpe. His book, or actually more a booklet, called “Three Horizons: The Patterning of Hope”, published by Triarchy Press, has some really helpful … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Value of the Three Horizon Model for our Innovating Future

There is that prevailing sense that we are just managing for ‘business as usual’, leaving many increasingly uncomfortable and feeling exposed. Why? Our businesses are not adapting fast enough to changing conditions in the market, often lagging in the competitive … Continue reading

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Recognizing your type of innovation leader

Often innovation succeeds or fails by the personal involvement and engagement of a ‘selected’ few- they make it happen as they are the heavyweights that have the final say. We all need to recognize the type of innovation leadership personality … Continue reading

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Exploring the criteria for collaborative innovation

The shape of our collaboration activities has been radically changing in recent years. The combination of technology, the internet, resource constraints and opening up of innovation to the outside world has changed the shape and content of conversations. Shaping conversations … Continue reading

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Are our organizations ossifying their innovation?

The balance between risk mitigation and being equipped for risk readiness is still an ongoing struggle to balance for most organizations. There is still a continued reluctance for exploring new radical innovation opportunities and although organizations ‘talk’ growth, they continue … Continue reading

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Make Virtual Room In Your Innovation Pipeline

So what are you doing this Friday, June 6th 2014? Fancy joining me and up to 2,000 others that are expected for an Innovation virtual conference. One that has been constructed around an agenda, made up of a  seemingly good … Continue reading

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So what drives value creation?

I seem to be reading a lot about the concept of value creation recently. It seems to have the same ‘heady vaulted position’ as innovation in that we all talk far more about the ‘promise’ of it. So what is … Continue reading

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