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Asset Orchestration is Required for more Dynamic Innovation

We all should recognize the incredible power of “orchestration” that is needed in innovation to bring the initial idea into a final successful commercial concept. We have an ongoing need to create, extend and modify resources constantly and to achieve … Continue reading

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Building upon four key wealth creating pillars

Most rooms we enter have four sides; they provide the structure to build upon. Presently in many of our economies, particularly in the West, we are struggling to find real growth; we are limited on our wealth-creating possibilities. Why is … Continue reading

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The Use of the Cynefin Model for Innovation

Firstly a very brief explanation of the Cynefin Model and why I find it highly valuable for innovation. Innovation has many characteristics of a complex adaptive system as I have crudely  attempted to explain here. The three primary states within … Continue reading

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The Ability to Move from the Existing to the Preferred

One of those defining extracts I came across many years back, as it is one that has shaped much of where I believe innovation needed to go, let alone where I believe it still does. It is a pathway I … Continue reading

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Traversing across into horizon 2 for new breaking innovations

Within our ‘business as usual’ attitudes lie the seeds of destruction. Today there is a relentless pace; we are facing stagnation in many maturing markets. We place a disproportionately high amount of our resources in the ‘here and now’ to … Continue reading

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Building an innovation framework that has real capabilities at its heart.

I’ve strongly believed when you begin to think through a framework for innovation, see my last article as an example, you also should equally need to recognize the capability framework that you will need to build into this. Working through … Continue reading

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Seeking out and combining the higher-value impact points for innovation.

Two years can feel like a long time. Exactly two years ago I wrote a post called “Making the appropriate impact” discussing my nine different impact points for innovation. I wrote at the time we can have surprisingly strong influence … Continue reading

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