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I simply enjoy researching innovation, applying this to provide novel solutions and advice, coaching and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations through my business, Agility Innovation Specialists ( As an advisory business we aim to stimulate and deliver sound innovation practice, researching topics that relate to innovation for the future, as well as align innovation specifically to organizations core capabilities. I was voted into the top three contributors for 2011 on leading Global Innovation Community Go to

Building upon four key wealth creating pillars

Most rooms we enter have four sides; they provide the structure to build upon. Presently in many of our economies, particularly in the West, we are struggling to find real growth; we are limited on our wealth-creating possibilities. Why is … Continue reading

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Exploring Diffusion and Adoption for Innovation – Part 3

One of my favorite books is “Dealing with Darwin- how great companies innovate at every phase of their evolution” written by Geoffrey Moore. It is well worth a read. When you work through his other books and connected thinking of … Continue reading

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Exploring Diffusion and Adoption of Innovation – Part 2

The future within our engagements will determine diffusion and adoption It is all about letting go but also grabbing more at the same time, and then finding ‘it’. Technology has opened up the door to both scale and fragmentation and … Continue reading

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Exploring Diffusion and Adoption for Innovation – Part 1

According to Professor Clayton Christensen and drawn from his book “Seeing What’s Next: Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change”, by Clayton M. Christensen, Scott D. Anthony, and Erik A. Roth published by Harvard Business School Press, the … Continue reading

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Opening up the Stage Gates to let the new innovating world in?

There is no question the Stage-Gate process has had a significant impact on the conception, development and launch of new products. Yet there have been consistent criticisms of it, as the world of innovation has moved on. Today it is … Continue reading

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Exploring the criteria for collaborative innovation

The shape of our collaboration activities has been radically changing in recent years. The combination of technology, the internet, resource constraints and opening up of innovation to the outside world has changed the shape and content of conversations. Shaping conversations … Continue reading

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So what is holding innovation back? A new GE report

I always look forward to the GE Global Barometer and the 2014 report is no exception, actually it really has moved the needle on what is presently holding innovation back. The Barometer has explored the actions or constraints that senior … Continue reading

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Understanding Challenges Within Innovation Complexity

We need to think differently about innovation and why it needs complexity and adaptive thinking as part of its design. Complexity within systems challenge us to think differently, it pushes us to think outside often our normal experiences, to confront … Continue reading

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The Use of the Cynefin Model for Innovation

Firstly a very brief explanation of the Cynefin Model and why I find it highly valuable for innovation. Innovation has many characteristics of a complex adaptive system as I have crudely  attempted to explain here. The three primary states within … Continue reading

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Are our organizations ossifying their innovation?

The balance between risk mitigation and being equipped for risk readiness is still an ongoing struggle to balance for most organizations. There is still a continued reluctance for exploring new radical innovation opportunities and although organizations ‘talk’ growth, they continue … Continue reading

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