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I simply enjoy researching innovation, applying this to provide novel solutions and advice, coaching and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations through my business, Agility Innovation Specialists ( As an advisory business we aim to stimulate and deliver sound innovation practice, researching topics that relate to innovation for the future, as well as align innovation specifically to organizations core capabilities. I was voted into the top three contributors for 2011 on leading Global Innovation Community Go to

Questioning internally those many product failures

There is a variety of different views on our product failure rates. According to some, the failure rate for new products launched for instance in the grocery sector is 70 to 80 percent in the US. For smaller US food … Continue reading

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The proliferation of transitory moments are ahead

Recently I was reading that up to now, each digital technology change was a separate era but today we are facing something seemingly different, a collision, a whole mash-up of disparate technologies and systems, that  seem to be heading for … Continue reading

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Smart, Connected Products Will Radically Alter the Value Proposition.

Marketing has worked for years in framing the marketing mix on the classic 4P theory of product, price, promotion and place for finding its value proposition. Then this was extended for the need to bring in the service aspect, by … Continue reading

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The Arrival of the Digital Monsoon for Innovation

If you ever have lived in the tropics you know of the arrival of the monsoons. Skies darken, clouds gather, often thunder and lightning combine, the wind picks up and the rain ‘announces’ its arrival in sheer torrents of heavy, … Continue reading

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Lay out the path, get out of the way but please give me ambition.

Today we see a new commission elected in Europe. As a European you always want this to be a new beginning, a new hope, perhaps a new start for Europe. Jean-Claude Junker has become the new president of the European … Continue reading

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Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation

Finally I am completely surrounded. I have that feeling of being somewhat overwhelmed, I can’t twist and turn any more, it simply will not go away. Do I throw myself off the building or decide to listen a little longer? … Continue reading

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Are you hearing all the voices for ideas?

So where do ideas come from? The most popular one is the ‘voice of the customer’ yet this is one of the many ‘voices’ that need to be allowed to speak. In this fuzzy front end of innovation where ideas … Continue reading

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