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I simply enjoy researching innovation, applying this to provide novel solutions and advice, coaching and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations through my business, Agility Innovation Specialists ( As an advisory business we aim to stimulate and deliver sound innovation practice, researching topics that relate to innovation for the future, as well as align innovation specifically to organizations core capabilities. I was voted into the top three contributors for 2011 on leading Global Innovation Community Go to

There are no easy innovation answers.

In response to a recent post of mine, Tobias Stapf on the Social Innovation Europe LinkedIn networking group, pointed me to a really good report “Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail” and I really have appreciate it. I wanted to … Continue reading

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So why are we not facing up to the big challenges of today?

Perhaps why innovation feels somewhat flat (well for me) is our organizations and societies are utterly failing to allow us all to step up in innovation to tackle the massive, growing problems that are swirling all around us. We need … Continue reading

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So are we in a trough of innovation disillusionment?

You get this increasing sense that the ‘fizz’ has gone out of the innovation bubbly. The innovation party presently feels a little flat; the numerous delicious canapés to choose from are turning up at the edges as we are becoming … Continue reading

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Gaining idea engagement can be a five step process.

I have been recently revisiting Everett Rogers work on diffusion and adoptions recently, evaluating if it has the same relevance in my mind in our more connected world, where speed, knowledge and exchanges are measured in micro seconds. This reminded … Continue reading

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Learning favours the brave

The challenges we are facing today seem to be coming faster at us, more complex to decipher and then re-evaluate how we should respond. To achieve faster response we certainly need to educate the organization more than ever. We need … Continue reading

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Organizations are in a constant dilemma concerning innovation

The issue of “where does innovation fit?” is one of the most difficult ones to address in many organizations. It seems to fit uncomfortably for many. At the top of our organizations they ‘require’ innovation but will often not want … Continue reading

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How are you evolving the function and design for innovation?

Organizations are struggling to forge a new path that captures opportunities fast and also exploiting that increasing need of being adaptive and flexible. They are looking at structures for their innovation activity that are taking a more agile and focused … Continue reading

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Successful Innovation needs a common language, context and communicating

People disconnect because they lack what is needed to connect!  Innovation thrives from knowledge and you need to make sure this is allowed to flow. To achieve those essential knowledge connections, you need a shared understanding of innovation, that common … Continue reading

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Measuring and motivating the innovation elephant

I often think of the parable of “The Elephant and the Blind Men” when I get into discussions about measuring innovation. What are truths, what are the fallacies?  The parable implies that one’s often subjective experience can be true on … Continue reading

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Recognizing the conditions for changing innovation’s culture and climate

Tackling the culture and climate that is needed to create a thriving innovation environment is complex. In this post I can only touch on certain points to trigger that deeper examination and offer the stimulus and considerations it needs. Within … Continue reading

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