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Innovation has layers that shear against each other.

“Slow constrains quick, slow controls quick” There is so much built in tension, bias, barriers, mindsets, mental model conflicts, and all types of friction seemingly going on around us, you must sometimes think all our organizations can only be totally … Continue reading

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Finding space for growing innovation

Making innovation a constant daily task for everyone to become involved is certainly a real problem for many organizations. Innovation does not sit comfortably alongside efficiency or effectiveness as it requires a much looser structure. It constantly ‘flies’ in direct … Continue reading

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The Real Need Is Achieving Innovation Fitness

So how do we become innovation fit? is new and perhaps your possible innovation work-out gym. Firstly stop and survey our world from a new advantage point Can you imagine standing on top of a mountain, looking out across … Continue reading

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A recognition that innovation is a complex adaptive system

Maybe I’m taking on more than I can chew here but I’m going to attempt it. I apologise if it does not work for you, or you simply just give up on this but I am going to try to … Continue reading

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Shifting paradigms, refreezing the organization for innovation

I would like to continue on “unfreezing the middle” for innovation to really take hold and have a greater mometum in organizations.  Largely it is about our ability to unlock those ‘frozen innovation moments.’ To radically redesign the approach to … Continue reading

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Unfreezing the middle, seeing a different innovating prospective

This past week we had a #innochat tweet session( around Jeffrey Phillip’s book “Relentless Innovation”( ). The chat was framed around a set of questions here ( ) but basically the premise of Jeffrey’s thinking was “can it be … Continue reading

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Your dominating innovation design is?

Each organization seems to favour one design approach over another when it comes to how they innovate. It favours either the more comfortable repeatable zones or is determined to push the boundaries out on its innovation activities. We often talk … Continue reading

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