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Designing appropriate tension into the innovation process.

I’ve always loved this: “appropriate adaptiveness is not a natural tension- it has to be designed.” OK, I can hear you quietly sniggering. When you are dealing with the innovation process you naturally have tension. Often if you have no … Continue reading

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What’s hot and what is not in Innovation currently?

So what is hot, what is not in innovation at present? Any thoughts? What do we need to remind ourselves about as we go about our ‘daily’ innovation business? Some of my top of the mind quick thoughts: Innovation is … Continue reading

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Plan your innovation resolutions early for 2012

For many October is the peak month for bringing together their strategic and operating plans for 2012. Meetings get frantic, issues get raised, and plans get drawn up, rejected and redrawn. The period becomes a fever pitch. Where does innovation … Continue reading

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Clear trends are shaping the future of innovation

In the last week or so I took a step back to look at the emerging trends around innovation. It certainly seems to have a bright future but its management is growing in complexity. It now needs a deeper understanding … Continue reading

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Declarations and Social Innovation

I always get nervous when declarations are made. Over two days in the middle of September, 2011 in Vienna a “Vienna Declaration” was made determining “the most needed social innovations and related research topics” Maybe it is the way it … Continue reading

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Preparing the secret sauce for innovation delivery.

The secret sauce required for innovation delivery sometimes can be hard to itemize but knowing the ingredients and constantly improving on them wil make your ‘sauce’ stand out from others.  For many it seems, execution or final delivery of the … Continue reading

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Mission Critical for Innovation – Final Delivery

Why is it that for some firm’s innovation seems to be incredibly rewarding yet for the majority it remains at best an unfulfilled promise. Why does innovation present such a stark choice, often fraught with difficulties for many, yet so … Continue reading

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