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Critical aspects of the Collaborative Innovation Framework

This week a collaborative innovation framework venture has been launched by Jeffrey Phillips at and myself, Paul Hobcraft at They have opened up a wiki for anyone to join with the intension of building on these frameworks. This … Continue reading

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The thinking behind creating an open collaborative innovation framework

I often get very frustrated at the huge loss of energy by many organizations on piecing together a more robust innovation structure.Somehow they lose it. They forget to think it fully through, rush to build some of the component parts … Continue reading

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A beta version of a Collaborative Innovation Framework

Jeffrey Phillips of Ovo and Innovate on Purpose fame, based in the US and viewed on , and I have combined to share a view of an innovation framework that aims to reduce many of innovations mysteries. We describe … Continue reading

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Managing roadblocks within open innovation

I always find thoughtful lists as extremely helpful to prompt my thinking on different issues. It often helps to unblock my own thinking. This one is for open innovation. One such list I compiled from mainly two sources on roadblocks … Continue reading

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Walking that narrow innovation pathway.

Walking that narrow innovation pathway needs some rethinking. The narrow innovation pathway “Innovation is the pathway to travel and seek out our future” Today there is as much a gap between the aspiration to innovate and the ability to deliver … Continue reading

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The new extended innovation funnel

The ideas funnel has been with us a long time. We put our ideas into the funnel and then through a process of elimination out ‘pop’s’ finished products. Henry Chesbrough’s famous depiction of the Open Funnel has continued that concept, … Continue reading

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The Antibodies Sitting in the Innovation Petri Dish

For many years I’ve been fascinated by these ‘Corporate Antibodies’ that we find in that classic management pathology that instinctively rejects and refuses to alter its ways, so as to protect itself.  The internal immune system somehow identifies and neutralizes … Continue reading

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