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The power and promise within innovation: shifting up our gears

Are the rules around innovation changing? Are we spotting the changes in the drivers and current deterrents of innovation? What are the present day perceptions around the innovation challenges? GE released their first-of-its-kind “Global Innovation Barometer” at the end of … Continue reading

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Social innovation comes of age in Europe

“Social innovation is about new ideas that work to address pressing unmet society needs” The shifts taking place in Europe The competitiveness and challenges that Europe faces in the next ten years are significant. Innovation has been placed at the heart … Continue reading

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Accelerating the evolution of Innovation Management PLEASE!

Sometimes you become concerned, this is one of those moments. I’m getting concerned that we need to take some urgent action. The Corporate Innovation Manager- is stuck in the middle. Recently I was going through a report, a very helpful … Continue reading

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The beginning of a new era for innovation, truly global.

Braden Kelley wrote an article entitled “Is the era of Innovation Over?” ( which I would like to build upon. Braden is the author of “Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire” from John Wiley & Sons and is also the editor of Blogging Innovation … Continue reading

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Welcome to the brave new world of innovation ecosystems

Will ecosystems replace simple ‘old’ innovation collaborations as we know them today? Open innovation has suddenly lost its pole position. Board rooms around the world will be thinking through the events that unfolded yesterday and I’m not talking about Eygpt. … Continue reading

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Orchestrating the new dynamics of innovation fitness

In my work investigating different aspects of innovation activity one thought tends to dominate my thinking: “How do we achieve a better understanding of the dynamics of innovation within our capabilities to be more successful?” I’ve already written in previous … Continue reading

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Writing off legacy within your innovation systems

You hear constantly the need for greater speed, increased agility, and effective delivery from ideas to implementations for innovation.  Yet we still keep these organizational needs locked into those old structures, systems and processes that have been layered one on … Continue reading

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