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Making untested hypotheses compatible to Business model innovation success

An email from Business model innovation hub ( landed on my laptop that stopped me to think a little harder on the whole momentum of Business model innovation. It summarized the ‘breaking’ collaborative work going on between Alexander Osterwalder, Steve … Continue reading

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Shifting to the 21st Century Business model through management innovation

Gary Hamel is amazing. He constantly thinks about the future and lays out how to get there; he has been doing this repeatedly for years. One quote of his seems to hit home for me especially “The real brake on … Continue reading

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Simplicity drives Adoption

This week I had the pleasure of attending a Brightidea (  “Birds of a Feather” event in Zurich.  A pleasure clearly, why, simply because it turned out differently than I had expected. Let me explain. I have a tendency to … Continue reading

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Research, platforms and collaboration move towards BMI

My last week was spent in the UK and it was a fascinating trip when it came to advancing my thinking on innovation. Innovating through new Business Models was constantly being discussed in the meetings, workshops and the conference I … Continue reading

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Missing the Window of Opportunity or Seizing the Advantage: Innovating the Business Model

Missing opportunity with BMI, not seizing the day Continue reading

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