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Grounding innovation through convergence on jobs-to-be-done

Jobs-to-be-done seems to be a real convergence point for many innovation thinkers. This needs to be more central in our innovation thinking it seems to me. Continue reading

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Business model innovation can really help the VC assessment

I believe the Business model canvas, presented by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur in their book “Business Model Generation”, holds a very powerful way for Venture Capital to use in their assessments of promising ventures they are considering for investment. … Continue reading

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The case for a more systematic understanding of Business Model Innovation design

Business model innovation is shaping up to be one of the most challenging aspects for leadership of existing business or that aspiring leaders need to fully understand.  The question today being faced by many is how to transform existing business models … Continue reading

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The Innovation Pathway Curve of Understanding

The pathway curve methodology is a well structured way to move up in innovation understanding. Continue reading

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The Three Horizon Approach to Innovation

The three horizons for innovation thinking Continue reading

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Drawing fresh innovating oxygen into the body

This must be the time of year for all those innovation reports to resurface for fresh innovation thinking. Recently I went back to the OECD report (opener here. and began to breathe in more innovating air. Not bad from … Continue reading

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Will we ever learn to manage innovation?

I was asking myself when are we ever going to really learn about how to manage innovation? Reading through the latest global survey results from McKinsey entitled ‘Innovation & Commercialization, 2010′ at and you must wonder with all the … Continue reading

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